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We are not just digital agency or Event Management company, we are unique mixture of these services we provide unique services in our sector our start up is dedicated to niche sector of digital and events services

Branding & Brand Management

Branding means making people believe in your brand even before they actually try it. There are various ways to promote your brand but the best one is to be digital.

Technological Solutions

Social Scoop makes you digitally famous but in style. We follow the trends here for our clients brand promotion.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the modern day marketing. We do not mean to boast about us or something but we are pretty good at what we do.

About Social Scoop

A rare initiative that integrates all aspects of management with latest technical know-how, Social Scoop gives utmost priority in understanding and accomplishing the needs of its clients. By combining state-of-the-art technology with our inimitable creative team, we aim at boosting consumer engagement as well as employment and wealth creation of our clientele.

Along side technological and management solutions, we offer event management services with a progressive vision that take event management to the next level by adding our digital touch with VR/AR games or 3D Images, etc…  It is our aim to reach out and enhance the digital image of companies from all sectors ensuring their successful and futuristic growth.

Latest Projects

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“Social scoop has helped my business of refurbished IT products with the help of digital marketing. I am getting clients from pan India now. It is with the help of their amazing team of graphics and content and their business skills that it happened so successfully”



CEO – Search For Me

“Kalakruti advertisement has set a benchmark with successful events and sponsorships just because of the social media presence, social scoop has helped us make. Thanks to their creative team and their business sense.”



Kalakruti Advertisement

CEO – Paresh Oswal

71 Events, does alot of events every year and our clients are always happy with our out of the world decor because social scoop’s creative team helps us with the graphics.”





71 Events